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"We Create Unique and Impactful Travel Experience for Group Travellers"

Our Company

EzeeGo.app provides a smart mobile app that enables group travelers to make unique and impactful travel experience. The app helps travelers plan and organize the trip with their travel buddies in a breeze. Our team helps them with the itinerary and coordinate with the relevant travel operators in the destinations.

This travel technology company is founded by a few PhD graduates in Information Systems at Singapore Management University who love to travel. The founder, particularly, likes to organize trips with her friends and family. The company was incorporated in Jakarta, Indonesia as PT. Mitra Jurni Digital in December 2018.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute in making people travel smarter and more sustainably using online travel concierge, intelligent system, and data analytics. We would like to help group travelers to enjoy unforgetable travel experience and also make meaningful contribution to the environmental sustainability and local communities in the destinations. We are also happy to support local tour operators or hosts in the travel destinations by promoting their amazing and inspiring travel activities.


Smart Travel Planner and Booking App

EzeeGo.app is available on any mobile devices

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