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Trip Planning with Buddies on Mobile

Travel planning with EzeeGo

Imagine that you have only 5 days leave from your work, and you want to plan a unique and memorable trip in Bali with best friends who you haven’t met for ages. To make the best of our limited leave days and gain the most memorable experience with your buddies, we will need to plan the trip well in advance. 

The first thing we do in the trip planning is to decide the trip days when most of your trip buddies can join the trip. A week-long trip in August could start from August 6th to 13th, for example. 

When the dates are decided, it is important as well to note the budget of the trip - how much everyone is willing to spend for the trip, e.g. around 10 million IDR per person. This can be done by roughly estimating the cost of transport, accommodation, activities, guides, food, and so on. This is important so that we don’t overspend and manage the expectation of everyone joining the trip. 

After the schedule and budget are settled, we can explore interesting places and activities that are enjoyable by everyone on the trip. Some people on the trip may enjoy sightseeing and local food, while the others may enjoy sport and nature. We can shortlist the places and activities to do and then create a day by day itinerary.

After the itineraries are completed and the people joining the trip are confirmed, we can start the trip booking. The trip booking usually involves booking flights or other means of transport and accommodation. If we visit several places in a day that are not within walking distance, we will need to hire a car. Some popular attractions, such as Bali Safari or Bali Bird Park may offer online ticket purchase in advance. Adventure tours, such as canyoning at Lampah or ATV rides, can be usually booked in advance so that the tour operators can prepare the equipment before our arrival. 

There are plenty of things to organize and coordinate among the trip buddies and also with tour agencies or operators. Therefore, we usually will elect a trip leader to make the decision and make the bookings. Fortunately, the trip leader can use EzeeGo.app, a smart travel planner app to plan and book the trip. 

EzeeGo.app can create a trip itinerary based on travelers’ time schedule, budget, and activity preferences. Using EzeeGo.app, the trip leader can get the trip itinerary recommendation, adjust it accordingly, then invite the trip buddies. Invited trip buddies can view the trip itinerary and trip budget estimates. When the planning is done, the trip leader can request a quote from the EzeeGo team. EzeeGo travel consultant will make the quote according to the requirements of the trip (e.g. flight, accommodation, car rental, attraction tickets, etc). If you accept the quotation, you can make the payment online and then just get ready for the trip. Isn’t that easy?

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